Annual Subscription-Based Data Quality

The Costs and Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects’ Data Services Enterprise Edition

Let’s look at the Data Quality options that are available out of the box when you use SAP Data Services Enterprise Edition and the very powerful Data Quality features like Address Cleanse and GeoCoding.

Address Cleanse and GeoCoding are subscription based, so let’s review the cost of these subscriptions and its worth in terms of savings to the company by implementing Data Quality. In this blog, I will review the Annual subscription “All you can eat” option. Next time I will compare to the “a la carte” or per transaction option.

SAP Data Services Enterprise Edition lets you establish an enterprise data integration and data quality foundation. When you buy the Data Services Enterprise edition, in addition to the integration toolset, you will also have access to Data Quality toolset (Transforms) along with the Text Data Processing, which will give you the ability to analyze unstructured data by parsing it into a structured dataset and deriving sentimental analysis and many such powerful analytics.

You can represent address errors through visualization tools. For example, see the chart below which highlights where the address errors exist at the Street, City, ZIP, etc level.

In addition to using the out of the box Data Integration transforms, you can also use some of Data Quality transforms like Match transform, to identify and handle duplicate data and cleanse your dataset and the Data Cleanse transform which will let you cleanse the Names and Firm names. You do not need any additional subscriptions to be able to use the above-mentioned Data Quality Transforms.

The following chart shows the error rate but also identifies records that can be resolved and corrected by the software.

Address Directories

Why do we need to have an Address Cleansing process?  Accurate and complete location data yields on-time deliveries and high customer satisfaction. It also eliminates return mail, increased packaging costs and compliance fines for incorrect addresses. It can improve business insights and facilitate decision-making. All this can translate into huge savings for the company and reliable, high-quality data for analysis purposes. Many companies outsource this process to a 3rd party vendor who cleanses and returns the data on a fixed schedule – this adds to the total cost and slows down the data flow.

To cleanse the Addresses (correct them and augment them with additional information), you need to use the Address Transform. Address cleanse transform using Address directories to provide you with address-related information (house number, apartment/suite number, street, city/region, state, country, zip code, etc.), with the level of detail provided varying by country. These Address directories are binary, flat, code files that can be downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP) by licensing customers and then uploaded to their SAP servers. These directories include regularly-updated address information for countries around the world that can be used for locale-specific parsing, correction, and standardization of address data for licensed countries.

The Annual Subscription cost for these Address directories can be around $6,655 (this is for USA) and the prices can change from time to time and for other countries. Click here to get the exact cost of these subscriptions as of today.

The cost of these subscriptions can be justified by the huge advantage it provides by cleansing your addresses and updating them with the missing information.

Geocode Directories

One of the newer features (GeoCoder Transform) of the Data Quality toolset is Geocoding. Geocoding assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to an address or postal code, while reverse geocoding translates latitude and longitude coordinates into a specific address or set of addresses. This conversion is done by the transform using the GeoCode Directories. Geocode, or GEO, directories are binary, reference data files that can also be downloaded from the SAP Service Marketplace by licensing customers and uploaded to their SAP servers

Just like the Address Directories, you have annual subscriptions to these Geocode directories. The cost of Geocode directories for the USA is currently $12,840.00 (1 server) and this differs for each country. To get the latest cost and the cost of the Geocode directories for other countries, click here.

The Geocode Lat/Long information can be extremely helpful when working extensively with Visualizations. With Geocoding and reverse geocoding, your business can conduct geospatial analysis to find hidden geographical trends and make better decisions about logistics, distribution, sales, and fulfillment. In addition, you can use this enriched location data and analysis to support asset and sensor-based automation as part of your IoT innovation efforts.


In addition to the out of the box, powerful Data Quality tools available with your Data Services enterprise edition, having access to and using these Subscriptions to access Address and Geocode directories will empower you with the ability to cleanse the location-specific information in your organization.

If you own both the address and geocode directories for a particular country, you can use the geocode directory to append the geocode data (longitude and latitude data) to an address. You can use the address directory without the geocode directory, though, and conversely, use the geocode directory without the address directory.

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