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Jenny has 20 years experience in the Business Intelligence industry, managing projects in finance, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, and insurance. When she’s not "enjoying" jogging, she is running around after her children, dogs, and cats. She can be reached at Jennifer.Hawkins@kingfisherinc.com.

Immediate insight using Dashboards in the Utilities Sector

Empowerment at a Glance

It is time to start realizing that commitment and start utilizing that data to provide real-time insight to your decision makers. [...]

Data Quality in the Utilities Sector

Using Your Data with Confidence

Unhappy customers, fragmented business processes and siloed data sources are all driving up the cost of doing business within the Utilities sector. [...]

Which Crystal Should I Choose?

Differences between Crystal Reports 2016 and Enterprise (CRE)

SAP has been simplifying its reporting tools and reducing the number of options significantly, as described in our blog, SAP BusinessObjects 4.2: Less is More. [...]

New Features for a New Year – SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP05

Do you want an agile, collaborative, self-service environment for your business and a consistent, accurate and secure platform for IT? Of course you do! With the recent release of BusinessObjects 4.2 SP5, there have been significant strides made in [...]

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SAP BusinessObjects 4.2: Less is More

What the Tools Do and Which is Right for You

With the latest version of BusinessObjects 4.2, there have been great changes in the analysis tool choice. Luckily the tool of choice [...]

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Why Upgrade Your Business Intelligence? You Can’t Handle Multiple Truths.

This is the biggest reason for a BI upgrade. We have all been there. Spreadsheets and reports produced and maintained by different people generate different results. [...]