About Shaheen Makandar

Shaheen has more than 13 years of experience with a strong background in BI Analytics, Data Warehousing, and ETL Architecture. She enjoys working with clients finding solutions to their BI reporting problems. She has helped many healthcare clients with data cleansing projects, along with designing data marts and establishing BI reporting infrastructure. When she’s not cooking delicious food or enjoying hikes in the mountains, you can reach her at Shaheen.Makandar@kingfisherinc.com.

SAP Analytics Cloud & HANA Geo Spatial Data Visualizations

Beyond "Points on a Map"

In today’s world, it is becoming imperative that we merge our BI analytics with location data to empower our stakeholders with location-based intelligence. [...]

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Amazon AWS S3 Storage Connectivity – From Data Services

Starting from Version 4.2 SP7

In this day and age of cloud computing, it is not uncommon that companies are moving from in-house storage and infrastructure (on-premise) to cloud computing [...]

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Annual Subscription-Based Data Quality

The Costs and Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects’ Data Services Enterprise Edition

Let’s look at the Data Quality options that are available out of the box when you use SAP Data Services Enterprise Edition and the very powerful Data Quality features like Address Cleanse and GeoCoding. " [...]

What’s New with HANA Views in Webi 4.2?

Advantages of New HANA Views in SAP Web Intelligence

In the versions of Web Intelligence 4.1 and earlier, the only way to report on SAP HANA data was to create a connection to HANA database " [...]

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Data Services and Latest Cloud (Storage/DW) Systems

What’s New in Data Services 4.2 SP10?

In this blog, I’m focusing on the evolution of new features that allow access to cloud-based Storage systems, Data Warehouses, and Big Data scenarios, as a part [...]

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Enhance Your Data with Geo Maps – SAP Web Intelligence

Adding Geospatial Maps to your Business Intelligence reports and dashboards can provide a great way to visualize and ultimately better understand what drives or impacts your business. If any part of your organization is distributed geographically (e.g. Customers, Patients, [...]