Tuning Up Your BI System Can Save a Small Company $55K+

Here’s How BI Initiatives Can Pay for Themselves

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you how you may be able to make your life easier and save money to boot.  It’s a win-win, with both wins going to you. [...]

What BI Tools and How Many Licenses Do I Have?

Many Don’t Realize How Many SAP BusinessObjects Tools, Solutions, and Licenses They Have

Do you know what Business Intelligence tools you’re licensed for?  What about how many licenses you have for each BI tool? [...]

Building the Ultimate Dashboard

Top 7 Ways to Add Value to Dashboards for All Users

Before you even break out SAP’s Lumira Designer to create that perfect dashboard for your company’s executives, take a minute to really think about what’s important to make this effort provide value." [...]

New Features for a New Year – SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP05

Do you want an agile, collaborative, self-service environment for your business and a consistent, accurate and secure platform for IT? Of course you do! With the recent release of BusinessObjects 4.2 SP5, there have been significant strides made in [...]

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Do I Need More Data Software and Tools?

Hidden Analytics Gems You Already Own, but Nobody Told You

With every new year, we come across several clients who have been given a strategic Business Intelligence initiative [...]

What Are the Best Uses for Data Science at Universities?

Big Data, Analytics and Predictive Analysis in Higher Education

The college experience for students is a wonderful (and sometimes confusing) journey of experimentation [...]

9 Ways to Collect/Prepare Your Data with Long-Term Vision

Your Business Intelligence Checklist.

Whenever I sit down at the bar, people are always asking me (not really), “What’s my best way to BI bliss, especially if I’m not particularly far down the path?”   [...]

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It’s Time for BI: Make the Leap

How Do I know it’s Time?

Organizing large and scattered data sets is one of the top challenges businesses face. Most have gotten good at collecting data, but not at investing in and utilizing business intelligence and analytics to bring sense to it all [...]

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SAP BusinessObjects 4.2: Less is More

What the Tools Do and Which is Right for You

With the latest version of BusinessObjects 4.2, there have been great changes in the analysis tool choice. Luckily the tool of choice [...]