Amazon AWS S3 Storage Connectivity – From Data Services

Starting from Version 4.2 SP7

In this day and age of cloud computing, it is not uncommon that companies are moving from in-house storage and infrastructure (on-premise) to cloud computing [...]

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Data Quality in the Utilities Sector

Using Your Data with Confidence

Unhappy customers, fragmented business processes and siloed data sources are all driving up the cost of doing business within the Utilities sector. [...]

Annual Subscription-Based Data Quality

The Costs and Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects’ Data Services Enterprise Edition

Let’s look at the Data Quality options that are available out of the box when you use SAP Data Services Enterprise Edition and the very powerful Data Quality features like Address Cleanse and GeoCoding. " [...]

Tips & Tricks: SAP Data Services Extraction of JSON Data

Here’s a quick (or maybe not so quick?) tip for using SAP Data Services to extract nested JSON data from a column in a raw data file. With the huge increase in unstructured data being generated from multiple systems, [...]

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Data Services and Latest Cloud (Storage/DW) Systems

What’s New in Data Services 4.2 SP10?

In this blog, I’m focusing on the evolution of new features that allow access to cloud-based Storage systems, Data Warehouses, and Big Data scenarios, as a part [...]

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Enterprise Data Management with SAP and Salesforce Integration utilizing Data Services

I recently worked with a large international manufacturer, they needed to integrate SalesForce with their SAP ERP system to improve visibility of current inventory and open issues, this would allow the account executives to provide better service to their clients [...]

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