SAP Analytics Cloud & HANA Geo Spatial Data Visualizations

Beyond "Points on a Map"

In today’s world, it is becoming imperative that we merge our BI analytics with location data to empower our stakeholders with location-based intelligence. [...]

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Amazon AWS S3 Storage Connectivity – From Data Services

Starting from Version 4.2 SP7

In this day and age of cloud computing, it is not uncommon that companies are moving from in-house storage and infrastructure (on-premise) to cloud computing [...]

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Using Composites and Adaptive Layout in Lumira Designer, Part 2

The Basics fo Composites

In this blog, we are going to go over the basics of Composites and show a simple, yet powerful, example [...]

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Using Adaptive Layout in Lumira Designer, Part 1

The functionality of the Adaptive Layout Component in SAP’s Dashboarding Tool

In this blog series, we will go over the value of the Adaptive Layout Component and Composites in Lumira Designer. [...]

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Immediate insight using Dashboards in the Utilities Sector

Empowerment at a Glance

It is time to start realizing that commitment and start utilizing that data to provide real-time insight to your decision makers. [...]

Measure Filters, Time Series Hierarchies in SAP Lumira 2.1

A Deeper Dive Into BusinessObjects’ Dashboarding Tool

We will be covering the new feature in SAP Lumira 2.1 of being able to add filters on measures as well as adding some valuable information [...]

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Tuning Up Your BI System Can Save a Small Company $55K+

Here’s How BI Initiatives Can Pay for Themselves

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you how you may be able to make your life easier and save money to boot.  It’s a win-win, with both wins going to you. [...]