Keyboard Shortcuts in SAP Web Intelligence

Make Life Easier (and Quicker) When Developing BusinessObjects’ WebI Reports

Find out about some very helpful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your WebI report development [...]

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Connecting Lumira Designer to HANA

Pre-requisites to establish Lumira Designer Connection with HANA as source

Let’s walk through the necessary steps needed to establish a connection to the HANA system in SAP’s BI Platform, [...]

Shared Elements in SAP Web Intelligence 4.2

Save Time Building WebI Reports by Automatically Copying Queries, Variables, Charts

We’re all looking for ways to make things a little easier for ourselves and in the latest iteration of SAP BusinessObjects 4.2, Web Intelligence has done just that. " [...]

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What’s New with HANA Views in Webi 4.2?

Advantages of New HANA Views in SAP Web Intelligence

In the versions of Web Intelligence 4.1 and earlier, the only way to report on SAP HANA data was to create a connection to HANA database " [...]

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Using the Commentary Function in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP5

How and Why to Use Notations in WebI Reports

We’re all familiar with one of the most widely used software applications on the planet, Excel, right? So, here’s how you use the Commentary function in WebI. [...]

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Tips & Tricks: BusinessObjects’ Advanced Query Panel

Utilizing a Union, Ranking, and Subquery in SAP's New BI Platform

Unleash the power of your database utilizing these advanced features within the Query Panel. [...]

SAP’s Web Intelligence Keeps Getting Smarter:

What’s New in BusinessObjects 4.2 SP05?

SAP BusinessObjects’ Web Intelligence is one of the most mature enterprise reporting tools in the univers [...]

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Tips & Tricks: Use Web Intelligence Relative Position like the Pros!

When creating reports in Web Intelligence it is very simple to drag and drop “blocks” of information (charts/tables) onto the report canvas, eye-ball the position and be done. This is more than sufficient for a quick self-service report [...]

Enhance Your Data with Geo Maps – SAP Web Intelligence

Adding Geospatial Maps to your Business Intelligence reports and dashboards can provide a great way to visualize and ultimately better understand what drives or impacts your business. If any part of your organization is distributed geographically (e.g. Customers, [...]

SAP BusinessObjects 4.2: Less is More

What the Tools Do and Which is Right for You

With the latest version of BusinessObjects 4.2, there have been great changes in the analysis tool choice. Luckily the tool of choice [...]