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Solutions with Crystal Reports

Business Intelligence has many aspects. One of the workhorses to delivering meaningful relevant data to large populations is Crystal Reports.

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Upgrading Crystal Reports

If you are on an older version of Crystal Reports, it might be time to start thinking about an upgrade plan. Several versions are approaching the end of mainstream maintenance at the end of the year. To find out if you will be affected, click here. Other reasons to consider an upgrade are to take advantage of new features available in the latest release.

We recently performed an upgrade for a university that used the BI platform to distribute CR to various departments. They were running on BI 3.1 which is no longer supported by SAP, and so they needed to move to the newest version, BI4.2. Because of the length of time between releases of the platform, we anticipated that there might be formatting and compatibility issues in some of the reports. The migration was a success and all reports were upgraded to run seamlessly in the new environment.

Performance Improvements

Crystal relies on the databases and universes that source it for performance. If using universes, the business logic should be created and maintained within them, ensuring a single point of maintenance, reducing cost, ensuring a single version of the truth and saving time on report development and execution.

New Developments

A printing company engaged with us to upgrade their invoicing process. It was an opportunity to rework the reporting process. The old system invoiced its customers based on every single purchase order, which was processed by an individual and mailed to the consumer. The new system consolidated purchased orders and sent them automatically via email monthly, resulting in cost savings (personnel and resources), time savings (all automated) and resulted in greater customer satisfaction.

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Training Options

We offer two Crystal Reports training options. Click here to find out more.