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Only 1 in 5 businesses surveyed thought their BI projects were highly successful. Here’s how we change that.

At Kingfisher, we pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of services. We have developed business knowledge, methodologies and custom solutions for the following industries: Manufacturing,  Healthcare, Higher Education and Utilities.

From initial BI strategy conception,  product selection, custom services packaging, training and user adoption, Kingfisher can step  you through the process and ensure that all BI Implementations are implemented successfully and that they fulfill the growing requirements of the business.

Develop an Innovative BI Solution to Support Your Future

Contact the Custom Services Team
Contact the Custom Services Team


of companies have difficulty defining their business requirements

Every BI project needs to be aligned with the company strategy if it wants to be successful. Having a clear vision of your BI strategy can be hard to determine. Kingfisher has many years of experience helping its clients define a BI strategy that is aligned to the company of today, but also will support the company of the future. We get to know you and all your business dimensions to provide an innovative solution to support you in your BI journey.

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Business Logic

Defining the logic for your business rules in a centralized place can aid data consistency and alleviate many versions of the truth across the organization. Make sure everyone is analysing and making decisions based on the same view of the company.

Change the Balance

You shouldn't be making decisions based on partial data.
Using SAP BusinessObjects tools, integrate your BI data regardless of its location and whether it is
structured or unstructured.

Currently, the data being used for BI Analysis is a fraction of the amount of data available within a company’s data sources. Thorough due diligence on analytics cannot possibly be done without a clear and complete view of all the data available.

This means collecting data from disparate data sources, regardless of location and structure, ensuring the data is of good quality and making the data available to the decision makers. Kingfisher custom services can help you analyse your data, and provide insights into the health of your data, and maximise your data potential, and by using the tools available in the SAP toolset, can get quality and representative data in front of your users in an efficient timeframe.

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Developing the right suite of tools to support your decision makers is a balance between predefined reports, guided analysis and self-developed reports, to allow for what-if analysis and to support creative thinking. Kingfisher will work with your team to determine the best tools to use and the right way to use them. From Crystal reports and Web Intelligence to Lumira and Design Studio, let us put together a data visualization plan that will support all your reporting and analysis needs, whenever and wherever you need them.


Access, distribution and security are all concerns for any BI application. Making sure the right people have access to the right data, at the right time is paramount to getting the maximum ROI out of your investment. Providing mobile, secure access to BI tools can increase BI usage by up to:


Making your data mobile can increase work capacity by 20%.
But that means nothing if you aren’t confident that your data is secure and only seen by those who should see it.

With the new Management console, data can be protected in one place to ensure complete data security.

Use our BI Architects to organize and secure your BI platform.

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Adoption includes making sure your employees understand how to use their new BI tool. Training and involvement can increase staff use of BI by 58%, and reduces frustration by 100%!

Engage employees through Business Competency Centers. Employees that feel involved in the decision process are more likely to adopt the solution.

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