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Kingfisher Custom BusinessObjects Training Courses

Kingfisher is an Authorized Education Partner for SAP BusinessObjects. Based on our best practices and consultancy experience, we have developed a series of training courses that cover the SAP BusinessObjects suite.

Courses can be combined and customized to meet any training need. We can deliver on our training database or train with your own company data for a more personal experience. All courses can be delivered at the Kingfisher Training Academy or on premise, and fit into your training needs schedule.

We offer a free consultation to review all of your training needs to see what courses best suit your company, whether it be SAP BusinessObjects courses or Kingfisher’s BusinessObjects courses, or a combination of both, we will ensure that the right plan is put together to address all your particular training needs.

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Kingfisher offers two Web Intelligence Courses:

Web Intelligence (KFW-410)

Develop skills and in-depth knowledge for querying, analyzing, reporting and sharing information utilizing BI Launchpad and Web Intelligence.

Web Intelligence Advanced (KFW-420)

This course develops the skills needed to apply alternative query and reporting techniques, including functions and logic, to create complex analysis documents.

Kingfisher offers two Crystal Reports Courses:

Crystal Reports Basic (KFC-410)

Plan and create reports that will help you analyze and interpret data. Design, explore, visualize, and deliver reports.

Crystal Reports Advanced (KFC-420)

Increase your understanding of advanced formulas, functions, variables, arrays, templates, parameters, summaries, and sections. Make more effective report design decisions and create more reports efficiently.

Kingfisher offers two BI Administration Courses:

BOE Admin and Security (KFE-410)

The course provides a foundation to manage both users and content on the BI Platform, including content distribution.

BOE Administering Servers (KFE-420)

Understand the function of the server components on the BI Platform and how to install and configure them correctly.  Learn how information flows from server to server for system processes.


Kingfisher offers one Design Studio Course:

Design Studio (KFD-100)

Learn how to create engaging and interactive dashboards using multiple data sources and how to use different components to create dashboards and applications in Design Studio.

Kingfisher offers one HANA Course:

SAP HANA Modeling (KFHA-300)

Learn to perform tasks including data provisioning using several tools such as SAP Data Services. Create analytic models based on real-time data originating from ERP applications.

Kingfisher offers one Lumira Course:

SAP Lumira Introduction (KFL-410)

This course is for anyone wanting to improve their skills in preparing, visualizing, composing, and sharing data using SAP Lumira. You will learn to translate facts and insights into visualizations that explain business concepts and strategies.


Kingfisher offers two Information Design Tool Courses:

Information Design Tool (KFID-410)

Create and deploy a metadata environment using Information Design Tool. Learn how to define, extract and manipulate data from relational and OLAP sources.

Information Design Tool Adv. (KFID-420)

Learn the advanced features of Information Design tool, including resolving SQL traps, using functions, creating universes from different sources,  managing and optimizing universes.

Kingfisher offers two Data Services Courses:

DS Platform and Transforms (KFDS-410)

You will learn how to create, execute, and troubleshoot batch jobs, using functions, scripts and transform, handling errors, and capturing changes in data.

Information Steward (KFDS-430)

This course provides the understanding and skills necessary to ensure ongoing data quality using Information Steward.  It  gives the advanced user the understanding and skills to perform basic data profiling and to build sophisticated validation and cleansing rules and packages.

Kingfisher offers one Analysis for MS Office Course:

SAP Analysis for MS Office (KFAN-410)

This course is designed for BI Analysts and developers.  It explains how to use BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for MS Office using Business Warehouse as a data source.

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