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Data Quality

Understand the impact of reliable data on decision makers.

Data Quality is the foundation of reliable and trusted data. Integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to support key business processes.

See how data quality can improve your business.

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Trusted Data

  • Delivery accurate, trustworthy and timely information across your organization.
  • Parse, analyze, standardize and cleanse data.
  • Provide access to users through dashboards.
  • Reduce duplicate data.
  • Data profiling, parsing, standardization, matching, validation and enrichment.

The Kingfisher Differentiator

  • Certified consultants and trainers.
  • SAP Gold Partner.
  • Mastery of SAP BI technology.
  • Proven processes and methodologies.
  • Our data quality experts will coordinate with your team to identify data quality issues, and development a detailed plan for execution.

Business Challenge

  • Ensuring data quality for a sound information infrastructure.
  • Lack of standardization on data quality rules.
  • Need to combine structured and unstructured data to be processed and cleansed.
  • Duplicates data and unidentified relationships.
  • Data quality issues impacting decision makers.
  • Managing ever increasing volumes of data.

Business Opportunity

  • Provide users with trusted information.
  • Standardize on data quality rules.
  • Structured and unstructured data can be processed and cleansed.
  • Promote department collaboration.
  • Reduce duplicates and identify relationships.
  • Use data quality dashboards to show impact of data quality on downstream applications.
  • Show how well data adheres to governance rules and standards.

See how Data Quality can help make decisions you can rely on.