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Data Services

Feel empowered with trusted data collected into a single source.

Data Services allows you to make sense of corporate data residing in disparate sources combining them through data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text analysis, to provide an integrated and trusted data environment.

Manage all BI data in a single intuitive tool.

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Information Assets

  • A complete view of structured and unstructured data giving a broad view of your data and helping to ensure there are no gaps in business planning.
  • High-performance ETL in batch or real-time
  • Improve productivity with a single intuitive interface.
  • Gain deeper insights into unstructured data.
  • Improve efficiency loading large volumes of data.

The Kingfisher Differentiator

  • Certified consultants and trainers
  • SAP Gold Partner
  • Mastery of SAP BI technology.
  • Proven processes and methodologies.
  • Our team will collaborate with you to analyze your business needs and manage ever-expanding data needs with a comprehensive and innovative design for your ETL needs.

Business Challenge

  • Managing the ever-expanding volume of data.
  • Accommodating rapidly changing business requirements.
  • Provide a trusted data source for all reporting needs, no matter what the source.
  • Provide one version of the truth.
  • Inconsistent access to various data sources.

Business Opportunity

  • Single ETL tool to manage all data source needs.
  • Strengthen performance through better-informed decisions based on trusted, timely information.
  • Provide one version of the truth.
  • Reduced risk by leveraging consistent, high-quality data.
  • Support critical business processes.
  • Support changing business requirements.

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