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Design Studio

Interact and take action on your data.

Create intuitive, interactive visual models presented in dashboards, ¬†designed to meet an individual’s needs. Present data in an easily understandable format that allows the user to act quickly on their business data.

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Data at your Fingertips

  • Put the right data in the right hands for better decision making.
  • Mobile, highly interactive, individual data visualizations using guided navigation.
  • Trusted aggregated data quality using existing data assets.
  • Detect hidden patterns, correlations and trends.

The Kingfisher Differentiator

  • Certified consultants and trainers
  • SAP Gold Partner
  • Mastery of SAP BI technology.
  • Proven processes and methodologies.
  • Our team will analyze existing data sources and transform them into stunning, highly interactive, visualizations, that will enable your executives to make rapid and informed decisions.

Business Challenge

  • Getting the right data to the decision makers in an intuitive, collaborative way.
  • Data not up to date.
  • Focus data relevant to the decision maker and allow for data exploration.
  • Secure sensitive data.
  • Need to increase competitive advantage.

Business Opportunity

  • Present data to the decision makers in an intuitive form.
  • More informed decisions based on current and accurate information.
  • Build security levels to show sensitive data only to authorized users.

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