GBN Universe Webinars2018-09-02T17:38:44+00:00

Session 1

Connecting the Dots. Mastering the Universe.

Learn how to create Projects, Connections, Data Foundation and Business Layers.

Create an IDT project and demonstrate how to create connections, adding tables, joins and testing functions to your data foundation and understand data restrictions.

Session 2

How to Avoid Being Trapped in Your Own Universe.  HelloThere 

Understand the differences between SQL trap and resolution.

Understand what a SQL Trap is and then discover how to detect and resolve Chasm and Fan Traps.

Session 3

Stop Going Around in Circles.

Learn how to resolve loops using Alias and contexts.

Get the definition of a loop and understand the issues that they create. Learn how to find loops and resolving them.

Session 4

Carving Out Your Piece of the Pie.

Understand how to create and use a list of values and parameters.

Find out how prompts work and how you can use a list of values to slice up a piece of your data pie.

Session 5

Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Defining Aggregate functions and Awareness.

Understand the benefits of using Aggregate functions.

Define Aggregate Awareness and learn how to set up Aggregate Awareness.

Session 6

How to Start an Online Relationship.

Learn the benefits of using multiple source universe.

See how to create data foundation for Multi-Source. Understand how to creating OLAP Universe and how and why you would want to use Multisource Universes.

Session 7

Hidden gems! Advantages of using a Universe with Crystal Reports.

Why should you use a Universe as source for Crystal Reports?

Using a Universe as a Single source of the truth, create it once and reuse. Reduce report maintenance – update SQL in one place. See the advantages of the integrated security in Universes –  data is based on the user. See how to use Universe functions to simplify complex CR.

Session 8

Maximum Security – Defining Security in a Universe.

Manage the security of your universe within the Information Design Tool.

See how to create a data security profile for a connection. Limit access to specific rows in a data security profile. Learn how to creating a business security profile for query data and assign security profiles to users and groups.