Leave the pack behind – discover new frontiers with SAP HANA.

Don’t allow your technology to let you down. With constant demands on business to be smarter and do it faster, you need a platform that can deliver all this, yet still be manageable.  With SAP HANA, an in-memory platform, you can achieve your business and technology goals.

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Run your business on today's data.

Let's show you how you can analyze your data in real-time.
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Super Fast Database

Data from anywhere…

Use SAP Hana Studio to model and run complex business logic on databases that can be visualized as one. This gives you the ease of a single backup procedure, without losing the ability to maintain them independently.

…in the blink of an eye

Increased access time to frequently requested data is achieved using multi-tier storage, which also allows the user to access data independently of where it is stored.

Smart Analytics

Real time analytics

Build applications that embed text analysis, search and mining, on unstructured data in real-time.

Use the spatial capabilities of HANA to look at geographical data that can be selected and aggregated in real-time.

Use and reuse

Prepare, build and deploy models within minutes, on big data to gain insights into your data using Predictive Analysis Libraries and R programming.

Discover trends in your data using series data processing by analysing data patterns over time.

Sophisticated Applications


SAP HANA supports a number of programming languages to allow you to develop web-based applications.

…and best practices

SAP HANA supports the development process with a lifecycle framework that promotes best practices. Frequently used functions can be stored and reused in the function library, promoting consistency and saving time by increasing productivity.

Standardized Integration and Quality

Real-time and batch access

Gain greater data access using pre-built adapters to many data sources and the addition of SDK to others. Using SAP HANA smart data integrator, you can access data in batch or real-time.

Quality across all data

You can also manage data quality through SAP HANA. Standardize, validate and match data across all sources, providing the decision makers with a clean, unified set of data. Power users can also take responsibility for their data, using the SAP Agile Data Preparation solution.

Simplified Administration and IT Operations

Healthy system

Minimise downtime by leveraging tools to monitor the health of your system. HANA includes many tools to assist you in your administration tasks.

Tools of the trade

  • SAP HANA studio
  • SAP HANA cockpit
  • SAP HANA lifecycle management tools
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool
  • SAP HANA XS Administration Tools
  • SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management

Make decisions in real-time with real-time data.

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