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Healthcare Data Integration/Data Warehousing

Population Health

A Healthcare Business Intelligence solution can help reduce costs, improve utilization and help you identify and resolve data issues. Kingfisher has implemented successful solutions using its healthcare knowledge and it’s deep understanding of the issues that face Healthcare Organizations today. We can help you identify areas of concern and set up the necessary solutions to help you monitor and improve your business.

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How is BusinessObjects BI being used in Healthcare Organizations?


Improved patient outcomes is number one on your list, but with increasing operational costs and compliance how can you move your hospital into a more profitable arena without compromising on patient care? Kingfisher is an expert at implementing Business Intelligence systems that can be relied upon to deliver accurate and timely information from monitoring daily statistics to predictive analysis to help you run your business more cost effectively and more efficiently.

Using Kingfisher services to make sure your data quality is addressed and that processes are in place to monitor future data growth, you can rely on the data you have available to track and react on quality measures, patient satisfaction, and revenue.

Hospital Top Statistics

Deciding what statistics you want to track will vary from hospital to hospital, but there are some hot topics that most hospital executives will be interested in and want to analyze.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an increasingly competitive market, with new demands being made and the need to keep rates competitive and maximize profits, you need a Business Intelligence tool to hep you analyze the vast amount of collected data.

Data Health

Unstructured 80%
Structured 20%

So what can you do to get all that data into a format you can use? With company acquisitions, multiple data sources, incomplete data, erroneous input and duplicate records, your data may be difficult to manage, but you need to be able to analyze and measure your business. Kingfisher can help map out your data, bring together disparate sources and transform it into a mine of information.

  • Quality measures.
  • Patient census statistics.
  • Percentage of budget spent for each department.
  • Door-to-discharge times.
  • Patient satisfaction scores.

Predictive Analysis

It is not just about what is happening, you also need to know what might happen. Identifying outliers in your data, predicting and tracking fraudulent claims, ensuring provider and consumer information is correct and complete, reducing risk and therefore, reducing cost all contributes to increasing profits. A Kingfisher solution will look at all aspects of your business and will ensure that they are all taken into account for today needs and for future growth needs.

Instead of band-aiding over existing operational and data quality issues, bring in Kingfisher to provide a long-term, manageable solution to provide insights into improved patient outcomes, reducing costs, but still providing the governance and compliance that is essential for a successful business.

Track the claim lifecycle.

Identify fraudulent claims using predictive analysis and identifying outliers.

Healthy Data = Healthy Metrics

Being able to rely on your data is paramount in the healthcare business, but with numerous disparate data sources and huge volumes of data, the need for data quality is essential. Ensuring one version of the truth can be a daunting task. Identifying and resolving data issues and consolidating the information into a useful source for analysis is essential to provide your decision-makers with the data quality they need.

Kingfisher has helped healthcare companies identify data issues, whether it is through data entry errors, miscommunication or merged data sources. Once the disparities are documented, we need a plan to resolve them, and to implement the changes to provide a data source that you can be confident in.We can work with your team to develop a strategy to address the needs of the business and implement a solid foundation on which to do your analysis.

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