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Align Goals with Strategies, and Resources with Needs.

With enrollment fluctuations, budget cuts, and external policy shifts in higher education, higher education leaders are having to change how they manage their institutions, to provide the necessary performance-based metrics and scorecard compliance.


Universities are going through a transformation. Demand for Information and Analytics will continue to grow. What’s important to your organization?

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Efficiently manage your organization.
Kingfisher can help.

We have helped enable many universities, schools, and career colleges with improved reporting and analytics.
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The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) currently educating almost 70,000 students, making it the second largest student body in the United States. With an endowment of $9.7 billion in 2015, keeping their BI system in line with the growth of their academic needs was paramount. Read our case study to discover how Kingfisher delivered a massive migration of data and reports, increased throughput by 20% and did all this on time and on budget.

9 Ways to Collect and Prepare Your Data with a Long-Term Vision

The amount of data is immense. The hurdles may seem daunting. Read on to discover the silver lining when you utilize data analytics. The sooner you take the leap, the sooner you’ll reach your BI destination!

What are the signs you’re ready for a BI solution?

Time-consuming reporting – it’s time. Difficulty joining data from multiple sources – it’s time. Difficulty utilizing data and making it actionable as business insights – it’s time. Read on to see if it’s time for your organization.

Don’t Let Aging Software Stand in Your Way to BI Excellence

Putting off an upgrade may seem like a good idea or your only option at the time. The problem is, the day of reckoning may be nigh. Continue to read our blog for justifications on why you shouldn’t wait.

Big Data, Analytics and Predictive Analysis in Higher Education

In higher education, student retention is more important than ever, with one recent report showing that universities could increase profits by $1M annually if they could increase it. Continue reading to see how.

How do you monitor the cost to market, engage students and ultimately ensure you enroll successful students? Use analytics to keep on top of the expenses and be proactive in keeping the costs low.

How long does it take to get a student from initial intake through to a successful graduation? What prevents graduation and what delays it? How can you monitor the process and intervene when necessary?

Use a solution from Kingfisher to help increase the graduation rate, by monitoring students, putting in place action plans to keep students engaged and on track, and  ensure that actions are taken to address high-risk students.

Budgets are tight and there is fierce competition for funding. Making sure you are a profitable and successful brand is essential for success.

Attracting talented students and professors and keeping graduation rates high can lead to a higher level of funding. Using defined metrics and allowing data self-discovery can empower users to keep costs down and profits up.

Top Measures to Keep You on Track

Looking at the cost of doing business in education keeps you competitive. Knowing what to measure, how to measure and to make sure everyone who needs it, has access to the same view of the truth requires guidance and support.

From ensuring you have the data quality you need, to getting the right information in front of the right decision-makers, to allowing self-guided analysis whether you are on site or on the road.

Kingfisher can look at your organizational needs and provide a detailed plan on how to address your requirements of today and for the competitive future.

Business Intelligence helps institutions measure all aspects of the cost, time and success of academics. What you chose to measure depends on the area of concern you may have, the areas that you need to monitor and improve, the required external reporting and student success.

  • Graduation Rate
  • Time to Graduate
  • Cost per Student to Graduate
  • Revenue per Graduate to Graduate
  • Cost/Benefits Analysis and Assessment of Academic Programs
  • Cost to attract, retain, and graduate: per student
  • Supply and Demand of course offerings
  • Faculty Productivity: Research, Publications, Teaching, Advising, Scholarly activities
  • Space utilization and optimization
  • Workforce Analysis

We can work with your data in Banner, PeopleSoft, Infinite Campus, among others, to validate, enrich, match and consolidate data, giving you accuracy and a trusted truth to the data as it moves downstream. We can marry your student ERP data with other sources like Oracle, ADP, and Excel to create reports and real-time dashboards.

Kingfisher can define a strategy to ensure you get to your higher education goals.

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