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Information Steward

Monitor, analyze, and report on data quality.

Combine functionality for data profiling, metadata management, and data quality monitoring in a unified framework.

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Data Monitoring

  • Understand and measure the health of your data.
  • Standardize, validate and enrich your data.
  • Help business users analyze how data quality effects enterprise processes.
  • Identify data issues and minimize the need for downstream cleanup.
  • Delivery timely and accurate data to the decision makers and stakeholders.
  • Track your data quality over time.

The Kingfisher Differentiator

  • Certified consultants and trainers.
  • SAP Gold Partner.
  • Mastery of SAP BI technology.
  • Proven processes and methodologies.
  • Our team will collaborate with data analysts, business users and IT to quantify the impact of data quality on enterprise processes and develop a plan for data cleanup.

Business Challenge

  • Impact of BI implementation is diminished by poor data quality.
  • Lack of governance and process for data quality for reporting and analytical discovery.
  • No access/visibility to data quality metrics.
  • No central repository for metadata and data quality rules.

Business Opportunity

  • Trust your analytical modeling by having confidence in your data.
  • Single solution that supports data profiling, data monitoring, metadata management, and the developmentof data cleansing packages.
  • Central location for metadata, providing a consistent understanding of business terms.

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