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BI 4.2 Innovations Playbook

Big Changes are Here…

With the end of SAP mainstream maintenance for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0, now is the time to plan your upgrade to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.2. Read this informative brochure to see how the new features of BI Platform 4.2 can benefit your business and keep you competitive within your market.

BusinessObjects BI4.2 also includes the following rich functionality that builds on the strong foundation of BusinessObjects 4.1.

  • New license requirements giving you better service during support calls.
  • Push Notifications.
    • Document update notification
    • BI inbox update notification
    • Instance update notification
    • Broadcast notification – get important updates from your admin team.
  • Waterfall charts, Vertical alignment, and QR code in Crystal Reports.
  • Recycle bin document recovery.
  • Reduced system downtime due to upgrade maintenance.
  • User added commentary to report cells.
  • Administration cockpit for clearer monitoring of system health.

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What can you do to be prepared?

Be Informed.

Upgrade Packaged Service.

 Upgrade    Infographic.

Reasons for Upgrading.

Bring in the Experts.

Discover the next generation of Business Intelligence.

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and Follow These Trusted Steps…

Know your Landscape.

Getting a clear picture of your BI Landscape is essential before the migration process begins. Make sure all business dependencies are recorded for a smooth migration.


If you have a number of BI applications, determine a plan for staged migration. Defining the scope for each incremental migration will promote a successful rollout.


Communication of change is essential for the adoption and integration of your upgraded BI applications. Establish Success Criteria for the upgrade, and communicate with your BICC to ensure everyone is aware of the advantages of the upgrade.


Understanding the differences and new features of BI 4.1 are crucial to get the greatest ROI on your upgrade investment. Kingfisher offers customized training to support and explore the new features of BI 4.1.


Now that all the legwork has been done, it is time to migrate. Kingfisher can help you successfully move over to the new platform using best practices and experience.


Review the migration process to make sure it met all stated criteria for success, including test results, training, and adoption.

Discover the next generation of Business Intelligence.

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