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BI + Analytics Conference, Nashville, 2017

Complex Reporting for the Masses

Custom plan increases accuracy/efficiency – Iconic jewelry designer, David Yurmanwent through an entire ERP replacement in 8 months during 2016, but the reporting answers and speed still weren't there. Learn what gems were uncovered as the data organization was simplified, accuracy and efficiencies were achieved and presentation was clarified, allowing fast, trusted, self-serve reports that allow the company to drill down immediately into performance by location, online store or by specifics deep into a product line. Kingfisher addressed a retail nightmare and built and implemented a custom BI Competency Center.

Monitor Performance to Make Quick, Informed Decisions

Dashboards That Deliver – Kingfisher helped Beacon Health Options utilize Design Studio in combination with a data mart, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of their outpatient behavioral health treatment services and make quick and informed decisions. Armed with this information, Beacon is able to better serve their patients with world class care.

Kingfisher Inc.‘s  Shaheen Makandar shows us how to create dynamic joins in SAP Information Design Tool 4.2

Training: Dynamic Joins in Information Design Tool 4.2 – Kingfisher's Shaheen Makandar shows you how to do conditional joins between FACT and Dimension tables to allow you to report on dates such as transaction date, GL date, posting date and other scenarios, despite only being able to create one type of join within the Universe to support this kind of reporting, due to a situation of effective dated joins from FACT to the Dimension tables based on the dates selected.

Turning Dull Docs into Capable Dashboards: Implementing Geomapping Techniques in Webi 4.2

Training: Designing Dashboards – Webi 4.2 users get hands-on training from Kingfisher's Gray Mitchell crafting sleek Geomap documents in Lumira 2.0 or Design Studio. SAP's Dashboarding portfolio continues to expand and mature with the advent of Lumira 2.0. However, some organizations lack the time or the training to craft dashboard applications through Lumira or Design Studio. See a sneak peek of how Kingfisher's training sessions can empower simple Webi users with a knowledge of their data and allow them to create meaningful dashboards within their existing tool of choice.

BusinessObjects User Group Presentations 2017

A Step‐by‐Step Guide to Modernizing Your Dashboarding Strategy

By: Matt Hopkins | April 2017

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Creating and Publishing Batch Jobs as Web Services (Data Services)

By: Matt Hopkins | April 2017

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SABOC August 2015 Presentations

Is Agile Scrum the Right Methodology for Your BI Project?

By: Terry Fischer | August 2015

Learn more about Agile, a flexible and iterative software development methodology for managing product development. 

Analytics Everywhere – Semantic Search for BI

By: Matt Hawkins | August 2015

Read how Semantic Search extends the boundaries of traditional BI platform search by creating context and relationships to objects rather than search strings.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

By: Shaheen Makandar | August 2015

Why creating a Steady State Support (SSS) framework can save you time and money. 

Exactech Improves Supply Chain Visibility And Financial Performance With Limited IT Resources

By: Abdul Jackson | August 2015

See how Exactech improved their BI environment with limited resources, increasing their BI usage by improving data quality and data visabilty using BusinessObjects 4.1.

SAPInsider BI2015

Web Intelligence RESTFul Web Services 4.1

By: Matt Hawkins | March 2015

With the advent of the RESTful Web Services API in the 4.x release of the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, integration to backend systems from custom applications and streamlined end-user workflows has become much less cumbersome and faster to deliver.

Information Steward 4.2 Governance Policies

By: Kevin Hutto | March 2015

Learn an end-to-end framework for building the processes, governance, policies, standards, and technology to drive effective data management in your organization. Get expert advice on how to use SAP Information Steward, along with best practice strategies to drive data quality.

Lumira Server (HANA and non-HANA options)

By: Kevin Hutto | March 2015

Learn about the latest developments with Lumira Server, both stand-alone and integrated into BusinessObjects BI 4.1 platform. This sessions discusses both the HANA server and non-HANA server options.

Kingfisher Webinar Series

SAP Rapid Marts in as little as 10 Days

By: Matt Hawkins | August 2015

Better business decisions start with data you can trust. Discover how Kingfisher delivers SAP consolidated analytics to the business with exceptional time to value in this information presentation delivered by Kingfisher's Head of Technology.

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