Tips & Tricks: Advanced Query Panel

Utilizing a Union, Ranking, and Subquery in BusinessObjects’ Query Panel

Unleash the power of your database utilizing these advanced features within the Query Panel. [...]

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What’s new in SAP Lumira 2.1

SAP recently released version 2.1 of Lumira, which includes some much-needed improvements as well as some new features that can provide some extra value for your business. A few of the improvements include [...]

How Do I Budget for BI?

Justify ROI for Your Data Analysis Initiatives

On the face of it, this should be easy, right? You know how much advancing your analytics would help. You’re in this data all day and you know there are gems to be mined. How can business folks not let you go ahead with your Business [...]

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Tips & Tricks: SAP Data Services Extraction of JSON Data

Here’s a quick (or maybe not so quick?) tip for using SAP Data Services to extract nested JSON data from a column in a raw data file. With the huge increase in unstructured [...]

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New Features for a New Year – SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 SP05

Do you want an agile, collaborative, self-service environment for your business and a consistent, accurate and secure platform for IT? Of course you do! With the recent release of BusinessObjects 4.2 SP5, there [...]

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Data Services and Latest Cloud (Storage/DW) Systems

What’s New in Data Services 4.2 SP10?

In this blog, I’m focusing on the evolution of new features that allow access to cloud-based Storage systems, Data Warehouses, and Big Data scenarios, as a part [...]

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