Building the Ultimate Dashboard

Top 7 Ways to Add Value to Dashboards for All Users

Before you even break out SAP’s Lumira Designer to create that perfect dashboard for your company’s executives, take a minute to really think about what’s important to make this effort provide value." [...]

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Shared Elements in SAP Web Intelligence 4.2

Save Time Building WebI Reports by Automatically Copying Queries, Variables, Charts

We’re all looking for ways to make things a little easier for ourselves and in the latest iteration of SAP BusinessObjects 4.2, Web Intelligence has done just that. " [...]

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Trend and Regression Lines; Formatting Input Controls in SAP Lumira 2.1

In this third blog of our series covering what’s new in SAP Lumira 2.1, we will be covering the new features of Trends / Regression and formatting Input Controls. In the last blog, [...]

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Annual Subscription-Based Data Quality

The Costs and Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects’ Data Services Enterprise Edition

Let’s look at the Data Quality options that are available out of the box when you use SAP Data Services Enterprise Edition and the very powerful Data Quality features like Address Cleanse and GeoCoding. " [...]

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Uncovering Hidden Chart Types in Lumira Designer

One of the advantages of using Lumira Designer over Lumira Discovery is the ability to have much more granular control over the look and behavior of your dashboard application. With Lumira [...]

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What’s New with HANA Views in Webi 4.2?

Advantages of New HANA Views in SAP Web Intelligence

In the versions of Web Intelligence 4.1 and earlier, the only way to report on SAP HANA data was to create a connection to HANA database " [...]

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