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Each time a password is reset, it costs a company an average of $70, according to Forrester Research.

If you reboot your system once per day with only two users, it’s costing your company $12,500 annually.*

An increase of 20% in throughput is not unusual and can save $40,000 in lost time at a small company.*

I bet your company has to reset passwords thousands of times.  Well, Single Sign-On would have paid for itself long ago, keeping users from remembering multiple passwords for multiple environments and increasing adoption.

For $4,999*, we can give you SSO and give your whole system a tune-up in one week and it could pay for itself in password resets or reboots alone. Here’s everything we would do:

  • Single Sign-On: We’ll give your users SSO, increasing productivity of users and minimizing administrative costs.*
  • Performance Tuning: We’ll evaluate your entire BusinessObjects system configuration, report processing, and security. It’s not unusual to see a 20% increase in throughput, an improvement in report performance and elimination of repeated restarts.
  • Upgrade Ready: We’ll make sure you’re ready for the next upgrade, whenever you need to make it.
  • Create a Roadmap: We’ll provide you a baseline and documentation of where your system stands and recommended next steps.
*Increase in throughput varies by company and by environment. Savings based on 20% utilization of two users at $100K each.
*Based on 30-minute restarts and two users with salary of $100K each.
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