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Does your Business Intelligence Environment Pass the Toothbrush Test?


If you see that your BI Environment is giving you real value and insight then you should be leveraging it at least twice a day.

Keeping it Minty Fresh

Making sure your data is clean and relevant will give you a fresh outlook and confidence in your decisions.

Managing the Long-Term Health

Maintaining and preserving the health of your BI Environment means it will support your business today and provide you with the information you need to support your growing business in the future.

Call in your BI health experts to access your current BI environment and provide you with key improvements to help you pass the Toothbrush Test.

You need the right data in front of the right people at the right time. We can help you achieve that.

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It is estimated that only 10% of an organization currently use analytics.

This number is expected to increase to 75% by 2020.


Are you ready to take on the next generation of Business Intelligence?

Agility and Creativity for the Business. Scale and Trust for the Enterprise.

BI Maturity

With the anticipated growth in analysis use and the need for independence from the business community, a new way to deliver BI is emerging.

Simplified Landscape

BI is on the move. With the support of more data sources, big data and objects, we are on a journey from data silos to shared common version of the truth. With a enhanced consolidated analysis toolset, the decision-makers can be more in control of their analysis and be able to move at their own pace, without the need for IT support.

Discover more about upgrades, latest releases, and reasons why you want to move to BI 4.2

Increase Usage

Save Money

Save Time

Fine Tuning

Balancing the demands on IT and providing the tools to let the business run can feel like a balancing act. The need to cope with ever increasing data sizes, security and demands for mission-critical information versus requirements for access to data anywhere, single versions of the truth, collaboration and user-driven analysis can be challenging.

With the introduction of BI 4.2, the gap between IT and the user have been bridged, with a more holistic approach.


With faster, incremental, and smoother upgrades, moving to BI4.2 couldn’t be easier.

The new platform provides more control for the administrator, allowing for better monitoring and auditing of the system, saving you time and providing a better service to the business community, with less down time and a more secure environment.

The addition of mobile broadcast messaging means you can keep all your user base informed of any pertinent information.


A simplified landscape means less confusion. With a consolidated and enhanced toolset to support, IT is freed up to focus on the BI platform and the users can focus their needs using self-service analysis.

Support for big data, using HANA online means that IT can offer and support huge volumes of data that can be accessed quickly and easily by the decision makers.

The introduction of shared elements means that complex analysis components can be shared across the community and along with the removal of data silos, duplications are removed and a single point of truth is established.


With a consolidated landscape, picking the right analysis tool for your self-service analysis is now easy. You can now add commentary to your reports allowing you to share insights with your team.

New objects have been added to Crystal reports including QR and Bar Codes, Waterfall charts and formatting enhancements. Analysis for OLAP now has more data connectivity available.

Web Intelligence has geo maps, shared elements, faster query executionand now direct access to SAP Hana. With the enhanced reporting experience, self-service analysis has never been as powerful.

Make the move to the new BI frontier with SAP BusinessObjects BI4.2