SAP BusinessObjects Training for Your Entire Staff

Schedule training for at least five and add another five seats for free!

There’s a saying that the only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them. There are so many reasons and benefits to properly training your staff, from ROI to employee retention.

40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. 68% of workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy. Additionally, the total loss to a business from ineffective training is a staggering $13.5M per year, per 1,000 employees. Yet the biggest hit may be lack of user adoption of your Business Intelligence tools and stalling along your roadmap to better, trusted data and accurate, agile business decisions.

We all have experienced the suggestion of “we’ll train these few people and they’ll train everyone else.” We’ve all been there. We all know the results. The “chosen few” don’t have the time to do their own training, much less train anyone else. Since they don’t have time to train the next group, they end up shouldering more of the load, which they didn’t have time for in the first place. Then, they do a very quick, incomplete training of the next group. That group trains the next even more poorly and the proverbial ball keeps rolling downhill, gobbling up everyone’s time and your company’s original initiatives with it.

At Kingfisher, we’ve seen it before and we’d like to do something about it. We hate to see less than full utilization of Business Intelligence tools, so we’re offering training for your whole staff with this buy one, get one offer. If you purchase training for five staffers, you may add up to five more to the training package free of charge, per the details below.

Choose from many SAP BusinessObjects training classes, including Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Design Studio, HANA, Lumira, Information Design Tool, Data Services, Analysis for MS Office and BI Platform training. Get your entire staff trained and reap the benefits of user adoption and proper tool usage along your BI roadmap to success.

Begin building your training plan today or contact us to work it out with you!

* Must pay full price for first five seats, then up to five seats may be added at no expense. **Special rate only applies to standard classes offered by Kingfisher. Any customization to the training would be at additional cost. ***Training must be booked in 2017 to procure the special rate. ****Training must be paid for and used by February 28, 2018. ****Any travel and expenses are not included and would be additional costs.

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