VAR Support Center

Welcome to Kingfisher’s Center of Expertise (PCoE), an SAP-certified support center.

Kingfisher is now pleased to offer a dedicated, certified VAR support center to our customers. Our support center conforms to standards set by SAP regarding the certification of individual support consultants, technical infrastructure necessary to provide support for SAP software, as well as the business processes and deliverables which ensure a high quality of support.  Kingfisher’s focus is on SAP Business Intelligence, and with its excellent reputation for in-depth product knowledge and robust solutions, makes your choice of Kingfisher for support an intelligent choice. Our experienced and certified support consultants offer not only expertise in all areas related to analytics, but a profound commitment to your business continuity and excellence.

Maintenance is a strategic asset.

Open an incident with VAR Support

Using your VAR SAP username and password
Log Incident

Kingfisher VAR support is available during standard business hours: 9AM-6PM EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Note: Outside business hours, your incident will be automatically forwarded to SAP and will follow the SAP Service Level Agreement (SLA.)

Determining your incident priority


1 – Very High

All systems and services are down for all users. This is a total and very high impact on users /systems and severely undermines the organizational capability of operating or maintaining a working Business Objects system.

2 – High

All users for a specific system / module are unable to perform their day to day operations / reporting. User facing services are unavailable (e.g. all users cannot log on to BI launch pad in Business Objects.)

3 – Medium

Multiple services / systems / IT areas are affected. System is degraded and still functional but not operating within SLA specifications.

4 – Low

Service is degraded but still operating within SLA specifications.

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