Kingfisher Academy Tips and Tricks Series: Lumira

If you’re using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 and failing to load the Extension Manager, here’s how to add an SAP Universe extension manually.

When logging into Lumira 2.0 Discovery you see that the SAP Universe Data Source option is grayed out:

When opening the Extension Manager you get the following error (it still shows this even though you’ve already made sure it’s set to Preferences – Network – Proxy Setting – No Proxy):

Close the error and click the + sign to add an extension manually:

Folder Path: C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects Lumira\Lumira Discovery\Desktop\extensions_repository\tu\

Select the zip file:

Once complete it should give you the notification that you need to restart Lumira. Close Lumira application and re-open.

Now you can see the SAP Universe Data Source option and it functions properly.

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