Top-Down Importance of BI Training

Higher Revenue, Return on Platform Investment, Employee Retention, Good

The most successful companies know just about everything about the performance of their
business…and their customers. They see trends and proactively move. They find efficiencies. They
track their performance. They innovate. Behind all of this? Data. Behind the data? Business
Intelligence. Know your BI platform and what it can do and you will uncover resources that can
show you trends and efficiencies your competition is missing.

How do you get to that level of platform knowledge? Training. And there’s no better way to get
training that will benefit you and your company than having a training expert standing next to you
showing you how to use your version of your tools, answering your questions about your data and
teaching you how to produce the intelligence you need to improve your business. The focus should
be on you and how you use the tools to get the best results, not generic YouTube videos or generic

The Top: Profits and ROI

We all read of the success stories in business publications. We see the profile story of the CEO who turned the company around, or created the “fastest-growing” company or had some other huge success. And I can tell you how a client saved $3 million annually just discovering efficiencies in transit. I can share how reports for a retailer could be simplified from 27 queries to three. Or I could share how another increased reporting times by 400%, improving their financial reporting process from an odyssey of more than a day to a report that was waiting for them each morning when they got to the office. But how did that happen? Experts who knew the whole process installing the right BI solution and the proper training.

Upward Motion: Training Leads to User Adoption, Which Fuels Collaboration

Collaboration has to occur not just at the top levels of IT and business, but at the developer and data miner level. There must be effective communication between business stakeholders’ needs and the IT side that has to produce data and answers to fulfill those needs. In order for collaboration to occur, user adoption has to lead the charge and training has to be a central focus.

Extending BI from executives to analysts means much more than distributing reports to all stakeholders. It means creating a trust and comfort level with the data and its reports and dashboards that can transcend the ranks and business discipline. These factors extend to the growing demand for mobile BI. Mobile BI is slowly becoming the first choice of business intelligence users. Not only do people enjoy interacting with mobile devices, they enable continual access to information and potential collaboration. There is a direct correlation between user adoption, user collaboration, and ease-of- use in BI implementation success. Again, creating the right BI process with the right help and proper training is the key.

The Base: BI Adoption/Employee Retention

Good BI governance should provide BI users with necessary training programs to ensure BI is fully utilized and in turn would lead to its success. User training is directly related to BI success and lack of training programs is a major reason for user dissatisfaction with BI systems. BI training provides necessary competency for users to optimally utilize BI capabilities. Increasing the levels of training and decreasing training delays are the dominant policies for successful BI.

We can likely all agree that people are the most important asset in a company. Yet, too often the investment in personnel ends with the quest to hire great employees. Workers who receive sufficient training are nearly twice as likely to remain with the company the first year alone. The cost of hiring new employees averages six to nine months’ salary for that position. The real question then is, for the sake of your BI investment as well as your employee attrition costs, can you really afford not to properly train your staff? For a great read on training your staff, check out this training article.

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