Trend and Regression Lines; Formatting Input Controls in SAP Lumira 2.1

In this third blog of our series covering what’s new in SAP Lumira 2.1, we will be covering the new features of Trends / Regression and formatting Input Controls. In the last blog, we covered the capabilities of Linked Analysis, which is a powerful new feature for which many users had been waiting.  If you missed the blog check it out!

Trends / Regression

Adding Trend and Regression Lines is a new feature that was added to allow users to do forecasting on their data. The functionality SAP added in this introductory version is quite basic and whets the appetite for what could definitely be expanded upon in the future and reintroduces some functionality from Lumira v1.3.

A simple example is that we have Quantity Sold by Month in a Line Chart for Time Series. We have the data for the first 9 months of the year but want to forecast what the numbers will be for the final 3 months of the year.

To add a Trendline, when the chart is maximized, right click and select “Add Trendline.”

Once this is done, you will see that the Trendline appears on the chart. From here you can right click again and select “Edit Trendline Setting” to choose how many periods forward you want to forecast.

Now you can see the Trendline with a forecast ahead for three months is added to your chart.

Formatting Input Controls

Input Controls were obviously in the earlier version of Lumira Discovery, however many users were frustrated to see that you could not customize the appearance of the Input Controls. In Lumira 2.1, you can now format the Header and Body of Input Controls. This includes the Font Type, Size, Style, Font Color and Background Color of both the Header and Body.

Wrapping it up

Both of these new features cover the very basics of what could be done for Trendlines and formatting of Input Controls and we hope to see more improvements in the near future. Additional custom styles can be applied in Lumira Designer, however, there is currently no way to extend or access the trendline once you are in Lumira Designer.

If this blog didn’t quite answer your question or you have other Business Intelligence questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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