Tuning Up Your BI System Can Save a Small Company $55K+

Here’s How BI Initiatives Can Pay for Themselves

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you how you may be able to make your life easier and save money to boot.  It’s a win-win, simplify and reduce waste. We’ve talked to folks who are rebooting their systems multiple times per day.

The systems have gotten so old and out of date, reports aren’t running properly and systems lock up.

There are simply too many bad variables in play to effectively troubleshoot, so the easiest thing to do is restart and then the system(s) works again…for a while. In some cases, folks are rebooting their system five, six or seven times per day. If you reboot your system only once per day with only two users, it’s costing you $12,500 annually, assuming a 30-minute downtime and two salaries at $100K each for easy math. If you’re rebooting more than once per day, multiply by that factor. If you have more than two users, multiply your losses by that factor as well.  If they make more than $100K…well, you get the picture.

The craziest thing is that the savings from only one reboot per day with merely two users pretty much pays for upgrading your entire system, as well as adding a development environment and disaster recovery system if you don’t already have them. You know what? It can all be done in two weeks, tops. Yet, analysts are still reluctant to talk about this. Is it because it’s viewed as an IT failure? Is it because it’s not as sexy as talking about AI and predictive analysis? Is it because you need even more reasons?  Funny you should ask…

Be the Hero

Have a chat with an SAP service provider, then go into the next meeting armed with a solution, facts, and a plan. A simple tune-up or upgrade often reveals other opportunities for improvement and savings at no additional cost.  A good partner gives you a trouble-free upgrade or initiative. A great one gives you a seamless transition, on budget, on time and further considers things such as analyzing the system architecture and licensing structure. Optimizing that alone at one recent engagement added a 20% increase in throughput.  I’ve linked to the case study here if you’d like to hear more about that. If you figure a 20% increase in efficiency at our small company example above, you’re talking about adding another $40K in employee time savings.  Again, if there are more users at larger salaries, multiply that out.

Single Sign-On

If you don’t have it, you just need to get it.  In most circumstances, we just include this as part of our upgrade or tune-up.  It just makes sense.  You can rationalize it with better security, significantly increased user adoption or by good, old-fashioned dollars and cents. Companies are constantly resetting passwords, as multiple logins are required and, subsequently, forgotten.  When everyone’s time is rolled in, Forrester Research figures password resets cost a company $70 each on average. You guessed it, add up all of those password resets over the year and multiply by 70 bucks.  You can add that to the tally we’re keeping here.

But Wait, There’s More

A great partner will do even more for you during these chats and engagements. During an engagement, we can give you a roadmap of where you could take things and how to go about it to get you on the right path. We expect you to call us with any questions you may have, that we may give you advice to keep you heading toward your goals. We’ll keep you posted on the SAP roadmap and any changes there, so you can just concentrate on your business. And we’ll keep you ready for any further upgrades, so future ones go smoothly, whenever that time comes. It just doesn’t make sense to go on with issues. Fixing them truly does usually pay for itself. At least invest $0 and a half hour to see what your options are. For folks who do, they’re quickly getting ahead of the curve…and, potentially, ahead of you. For further details on what you might be able to easily fix or to have a free chat with an SAP service partner, please click here.

If this blog didn’t quite answer your question or you have other Business Intelligence questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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