UNV to UNX Universes—A Big Time Savings?

Converting, Using Direct Query Binding and Rewriting Outdated Queries

With the 4.x BusinessObjects suite, perhaps it’s time to modernize your dashboard architecture. Converting universes (UNVs to UNXs), using direct query binding and best practices, rewriting outdated queries and developing cutting-edge SAP Design Studio applications to replace outdated flash technology can improve load times significantly.

Converting legacy UNV universes to modern UNX files opens up your information to the modern reporting tools now available and provides a more robust foundation in the newest version of BusinessObjects for better data analysis that is not possible in UNV. For instance, Data Federation is now available in the newer version of BOBJ’s Information Design Tool. Federated queries to UNX universes provide a “virtual data warehouse,” leaving the data in its “home” database and merging the results dynamically.  These queries can be tuned individually.

Direct query binding is a new feature that allows you to connect to UNX universes directly from tools such as dashboards. This reduces development time, makes dashboards easier to maintain and allows for larger volumes of data to be analyzed.

Rewriting outdated queries for new UNX universes allows you to leverage new and enhanced features such as federation engine, better hierarchy management, and improved filtering. The process may also reduce the number of queries needed to present the data in a format that the business needs. For a recent client, Kingfisher was able to reduce the number of queries for a single report from 26 to three. Not only was there a 76% savings in response time, but during the process the reports were made easier to understand and support.

Kingfisher’s own Mohan Rayapati will be addressing this topic at SAPinsider’s Reporting & Analytics 2017 Interactive, November 29-December 1 in Las Vegas. To attend this session and receive Kingfisher’s discount, register for Mohan’s December 1 session. If you register before October 27, you’ll save $550. If you register after October 27, you’ll still save $300. In this speaking session, Mohan will cover:

  • Step through a live demo to find out how to convert UNV to UNX using the Information Design Tool
  • Learn the Dos and Don’ts for universe conversion
  • Understand the advantages of a UNX conversion effort as it relates to Xcelsius dashboards, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, and SAP Lumira Designer applications, and learn how each tool connects to the UNX directly
  • Step through a live end-to-end demo of the step-by-step process to gain insight into high powered SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio applications using UNX universe connection

Kingfisher is an Authorized Education Partner for SAP BusinessObjects. Based on our best practices and consultancy experience, we have developed a series of fixed price/fixed duration training courses that cover the SAP BusinessObjects suite.

Customized training courses are also available to meet your specific needs.  Visit our training section to see the possibilities.

All courses can be delivered at the Kingfisher Academy in Atlanta or at your organization.

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