Transform the utility future, by maximizing your business’s performance with relevant, timely insights.

Kingfisher understands that the increasing volume of data being collected by utility companies can lead you to feel overwhelmed and out of touch. Kingfisher can help you organize the increasing amount of data you collect into an analytical solution that saves time, reduces costs and enables your users to act on information in a timely fashion to keep you competitive in your marketplace.

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What concerns you today?

Aging Infrastructure?

Cost of distribution?

Data volume?

Growing competition?

Supplying the demand?

Maintaining and growing your customer base?

Customer Success Story

See how one of our utility customers used SAP Data Services to improve the quality of and access to preserved historical and current data for improved analysis with SAP BusinessObjects.

Analytics Reimagined for Utilities

The cost of keeping your current customers happy and to engage new ones needs to be controlled along with customer churn rate.

Improved and consistent customer engagement will reduce customer churn rate. Understanding the customer through better and more accurate data collection will help to achieve a more thorough view of customer needs and demands.

Supplying the customer needs means you need to report on any point of failures quickly and precisely. Understanding where issues are occurring and the cost of maintaining failure points can help you make better decisions about maintenance plans and predict costs of repair or replacement of aging infrastructure. Consolidating operational data and delivering the results for current and predictive analysis will give you a clearer picture of today’s needs and future costs of distribution and delivery.

Big Data Answers Big Questions

With the introduction of smart metering, the granularity of data, and therefore data volume has grown. With the introduction of a BI solution from Kingfisher, we can use big data to make smarter decisions.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Use big data to better understand customer demands and provide them with a service that is specific to them.

Improving Operational Decisions

Reduce operational cost by using big data analytics to predict equipment failures and maintenance issues before they actually happen.

Streamline Production

Only produce when there is a demand. Looking at the forecast, adjust production to meet those demands. Reduce costs by running off-peak, and not overproducing.

Forecast Demand

Using customer consumption data based on geographical location, you can improve supply and demand forecast, ensuring you have the right amount of resource available at the right time.

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Leverage BusinessObjects Analytics to unlock profitability, performance, and operational efficiency.

with a BusinessObjects BI solution from Kingfisher.
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