What BI Tools and How Many Licenses Do I Have?

Many Don’t Realize How Many SAP BusinessObjects Tools, Solutions, and Licenses They Have

Do you know what Business Intelligence tools you’re licensed for?  What about how many licenses you have for each BI tool?  All this information is readily available to you in the SAP Support Portal.

Not only can you find what you’re licensed for, but also how many licenses of each product.

To find this information we first need to log into the SAP Support Portal:  https://support.sap.com/en/index.html.

To Log On, click the Icon that looks like the outline of a person in the top right corner.

Type in your S ID and password and click Log On.  You can also check the “Remember me” box so that the portal will remember who you are the next time you log in.

Click on “Request Keys.”

A new window will open.

Clicking on the “Product” and “Installation” drop downs will give you a list.  You can pick a Product and Installation from this list or leave both selections set to All to see everything.  You can also directly type in the Installation number if it’s known.  Next, click on Search at the bottom of the page.

Another screen will appear showing you the Installations that were retrieved.  Double click on an Installation to view it.

The screen will change and allow you to see the Products associated with the Installation you selected.  Click on Licenses Icon in the top right corner to view the licenses associated with the products listed.

A new window will then pop up with what that Installation is licensed for and how many of each license is owned for a particular product.


Many Business Intelligence initiatives have been stalled, postponed or shelved over budget, executive buy-in or disagreement on direction. It’s worth having a look at what tools you have and how many seats are available. So many times we find companies who have needlessly waited to address or progress a BI need, only to find they had a solution all along.  If you have a BI tool, there’s a good chance you have a hidden gem included in that suite you didn’t know you had.

Let us help you check it out and tell you what those tools can do for you.

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